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The renowned power rule. 2 Most Faber/Faber Castell slide rules feature &39;railway-track&39; rather than &39;normal&39; (non-railway-track) scales. 4 For circular models this is the circumference where &39;stock&39; and &39;slide&39; meet. I describe the usage of the double length W scales which give a 5" slide rule the precision of a 10" and a 10" slide rule the precision of a 20". Gallery edit Malaysian tri-Grip pencils with eraser caps and a sharpener. 09 MB (2,195,603 bytes) Faber-Castell 2/83N, 62/83N Instructions. Faber-Castell 2/84 Mathema.

· Faber Castell 2/82 Duplex faber castell 2 83n slide rule manual Faber Castell 2/82 Castell Duplex, Variation 2 Faber Castell 2/82N Castell Duplex Faber Castell 2/83 Castell Novo Duplex Faber Castell 2/83N Castell Novo Duplex Faber Castell 2/84 Mathema Faber Castell 2/84N Mathema Faber Castell 52/82 D-Stab Faber Castell 57/74 Textile Slide Rule, System Schirdewan Faber Castell 152. Rubber strips on metal brackets allow desktop use and a rubberised grip on ends of slides also aids use. TROEGER RECHENSCHEIBEN Model 1 & 2 Special Slide Rules & Slide Calculators:. Click on a title to jump down to the document detail and pdf: Instructions For The Use Of A. 970; Aristo Pocket Multilog Nr. · Faber-Castell Business Rule Manual. Faber-Castell 44/87.

Faber-Castell 2/83N Novo Duplex. SLIDE RULE: INFO / SCALES: QUANTITY PRICE EA. Last updated on Decem: now over a 165 different types (184 variations).

Faber- Castell Slide Rule Novo- Biplex 2/83N in Box with Instruction Manual Description: *Faber-Castell Slide Rule model 2/83N is complete in box,the instruction manual is in English, meaning this particular batch is intended for U. Rules from Faber-Castell usually had green cases and boxes, and some had an unusual zippered case that was quite attractive, and especially useful for rules with addiators, as the closed case prevented the stylus from getting lost accidentally. It is a duplex rule with 30 scales. 300 Circular Rule; Faber-Castell 111/38 Stadia 360° Faber-Castell 111/54A; Faber-Castell 2/82; Faber-Castell 2/83N Novo-Duplex. Faber Castell 62/83 N. SIC PROFESSIONAL Model 120 353. The Castell 2/83N is a full-sized duplex rule, having scales on both sides of the slide and stator. The pocket version: Faber.

3 views per day, 61 days on eBay. Faber Castell 67/54R with addiator. Type: Year of manufacturing: A. - The Oughtred Society Slide Rule Reference Manual. Gunter’s Rule. The site has instruction manuals for a number of slide rules. It adds and subtracts. FABER CASTELL NOVO BIPLEX 2/83N SLIDE.

00 MB (2,102,807 bytes) File 2 - fc2-82n02. Faber 52/82 (Dietzgen 1739) A. The alternative power rule. Front Back Both sides Version US/German. · vintage faber castell novo biplex 2/83n slide rule w/manual&case germany made, i sold this slide rule as is in images or as i found,rule is ok and nice to add to your collection,manual ok too,plastic case broken in one border and in a corner but slide rule as new really nice to add to your collection.

Faber: Pre 1897: No number: Pre 1907: 1/22 Disponent: 1954: 1/22 Business slide-rule: 1963: 1/22/322 Disponent. S and Canadian market. Exceptional Computing Power!

A period of rapid. 2/83N, 62/83N with enlarged scale range The CASTELL 2/83 N with enlarged scale range Many satisfied users of the 2/83 N slide rule, in a sprit of constructive criticism, have suggested that the arrangement of the scales on the front and back should be improved. Super high amount of views. There are 27 scans in 2 zip files. VINTAGE FABER CASTELL 57/87 RIETZ SLIDE RULE BOXED MANUAL GERMANY. · Front right side of the Faber-Castell 2/83N slide rule. · As of December I have started adding hi-ress pictures again since I moved to the site of the slide rule museum.

Bissaker Slide Rule (1654) Circular Slide Rule King Pocket Calculator (66” Sclales) Thacher Calculator (30 Ft. There were now special- purpose slide rules for foresters and timber merchants and for reinforced concrete work. This model was made in. MINT German Slide Rule Faber Castell Novo Duplex 2/83N also" Biplex " king of 10" Loglog Original BOX and Manual : 22-Oct-: 10: 22. 28, 46, 300, 320 (a pdf file) Dietzgen/Gilson Circular (18 scans in 1 zip file) EASYR Hydraulic Faber Castell 2/83N Faber Castell 2/83N (a pdf file) Faber Castell 2/82N (27 scans in 2 zip files) 2/83N, 62/83N (16 scans in 2 zip files) Faber Castell Business (1 pdf file in 1 zip file) Faber Castell Chemical. When electronic calculators first appeared, they tried manufacuring a faber castell 2 83n slide rule manual hybrid slide rule with a four function calculator on the back side (the TR-1). PicClick Insights - Faber Castell 2/82N Duplex Slide Rule Case Manual Germany PicClick Exclusive. On the front face there are 15.

Faber Castell 2/83N slide rule - New in Box The slide rule is brand new, it has never been used and its in excellent condition. Precision Slide Rule for Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, Students of Technical Universities, Engineering Colleges, Polytechnics No. Faber Castell 67/87Rb Rietz five inch slide rule with Addiator on the reverse. Faber-Castell 2/83 (Dietzgen 1741) A. The Faber-Castell 2/83N in particular may be the finest slide rule ever made by any manufacturer. 1 The Form of the W Scales.

Faber-Castell" (apart from dates before 1903), a highly recommended resource available here. In the case of 2/83N, the W scales are actually 50cm. It dates from 1966. Faber-Castell 52/80. “C and D scales” cut in hat at 10 (i. NEW, excellent condition 2/83 Novo-Biplex set with factory Spanish manual and accessory ruler. The rare pocket version of the power rule. Markings on centre hairline.

A Display Case for My Slide Rule Collection; Aristo Darmstadt Nr. There is 1 Adobe PDF file in 1 zip file. These have been scanned and converted to HTML. 77: MINT German Slide Rule Faber Castell Novo Duplex 2/83N also" Biplex " king of 10" Loglog Original BOX and Manual : 25-Oct-. Faber-Castell 57/22. Faber-Castell 57/86, Columbus. The Faber-Castell Slide Rules 2/83N and 62/83, incorporate these scales.

· Addeddate:26:24 Camera Canon EOS 5D Mark II Foldoutcount 0 Identifier instructionforca00fabe Identifier-ark ark:/13960/t7dr4fg5m Ocr ABBYY FineReader 8. The Faber-Castell 2/83N Novo-Duplex upper face—serious firepower on a slide rule! Faber-Castell 2/82N. Faber-Castell 2/83 Novo-Biplex Rule With clear/green display case as shown Click for bigger PIC! Dpkg-reconfigure Exim4-config Is Broken Or Not Fully Installed. They were wrong, it wasn’t particularly collectible.

Get the best faber castell 2 83n slide rule manual deals on Faber Castell Slide Rule when. 3 From Peter Holland&39;s excellent book "Slide Rules A. Various Instruction manuals that came with AW Faber / Faber-Castell slide rules. Although not quite as advanced as the top of the line 2/83 Novo-Biplex series (what a name! This, like other rules with screwed brackets, allows retensioning of the slide to suit and realignment of upper and lower stators if required. Faber-Castell 2/83N Novo Duplex, 8/10 circular Faber-Castell with Addiator on back 1/87A + others. The manual have the address of the distributor in U.

1970 FABER- CASTELL Slide Rule Novo- Biplex 2/83N CIB;Made in GERMANY - 3. A Complete Slide Rule Manual - Neville W Young 20 - 1 Chapter 20 – Root (W) Scales 20. 48: Early A W Faber Castell Slide Rule In German Cased Exc : 22-Oct-: 15: 78. Links A sample simulation of Faber-Castell 2/83N replica can be viewed below. The CASTELL 2/83 N with enlarged scale range Many satisfied users of the 2/83 N slide rule. Markings on additional hairlines. They showed a multicolored Faber-Castell 2/83N slide rule and said it was one of the most complex, prized, and collectible slide rules, one of the finest ever made.

Concise Circular Slide Rules No. Download Download Faber castell 2 83n manually Read Online Read Online Faber castell 2 83n manually faber castell mathemafaber castell 2 84 slide rule m. Faber Castell 2/83 N. The rare pocket version of the 2/82N. 867U; Aristo Multilog Nr.

Faber Castell 2/82 Duplex - November, 1968 An example of one of Faber&39;s late model high-end duplex rules, obtained in mint condition. Faber&39;s Improved Calculating Rule (version 1 c1905-10? Popularity - 382 views, 6. Faber Castell 2/82 N. This was one of faber castell 2 83n slide rule manual the last rules produced by Faber Castell and could be considered the culmination of the development of the slide rule by one of Europe&39;s leading manufacturers. 162) and fitted on a 25 cm (10 inch) Slide Rule. Markings on side.

& version 2 c1905-12, enhanced Mannheim). Shipping Thru Expedited Canada Post with Tracking and Insurance Faber- Castell Slide. The front contains the typical A, B, C, D, and K scales, along with folded C and D scales (CF and DF), and inverse C, D, and CF scales (CI, DI, and CIF). Plastic body rule with reversible slide.

This is the later version of the 67/87R shown above and all the scales are now on the face. Some of them relate to standard rules (Thornton, Faber Castell 2/83N). It is a very complex slide rule, one of the biggest ever manufacture.

Faber Castell 62/82 N. If you are a fan or a collector of slide rules, or if you just wish to talk about all matters regarding this beautiful tool, then you may wish to join our mailing list. Faber-Castell 57/87 Rietz, Made. It has a green, zip up case and a stylus. Faber-Castell 3/11 Statics Slide Rule.

The most complex slide rule was the multi-colored Novo Duplex 2/83N. My Slide Rule Collection. Some of them relate to standard rules (Thornton, Faber Castell 2/83N) and would be useful whatever rule you have but others are for specialised rules. 57 MB (1,653,664 bytes) Faber-Castell 2/82N Instructions.

Faber Castell 111/54R with addiator. Faber Castell - 2/83N Slide rules page Make Faber Castell, Germany Model 2/83 N Novo Duplex Notes 1. Scales are: L,K,AB,C1,CD,S,ST,T. The Addiator (shown on the Addiator page) now has a negative window. The CASTELL 2/83 N with enlarged scale range Many satisfied users of the 2/83 N slide rule, in a sprit of constructive criticism, have suggested that the arrangement. ), this rule is a close second and features almost all of the well-known Faber innovations. Instruction Manuals.

) Mannheim Slide Rule (1850) Faber Castell 2/83n Nestler 23R (Mannheim) Issac Newton put 3 scales in parallel in 1675 to compute cubes, and proposed the cursor in 1677, But was ignored. From about 1880 to 1975 Faber-Castell was also one of the world&39;s major manufacturers of slide rules, the best known of which was the 2/83N. FABER-CASTELL NOVO-DUPLEX Model 2/83N 128. 0 sold, 1 available. Simple rule and manual, in an original Faber-Castell vinyl view case. Faber Castell 2/83N (and 62/83N) instructions in English.

Faber castell 2 83n slide rule manual

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